The Best Overnight Masks: You Snooze You Win


Wakeup pretty by taking a beauty sleep. It is very important to take beauty sleep to look prettier next day. Night creams are an old phenomenon now. No one can beat eight hour sleep and plenty of water in making skin smooth and fresh. But in hectic life, the dream of princess perfect skin might not be possible due to wrong choice of food and late night sleep. The new way to pamper your skin at night is the overnight masks.

The latest overnight masks treatments involve sleep to change your sleep into a beauty sleep. These masks treatments do wonders for you by penetrating deep in your skin while you sleep sound. The night masks do not feel heavy on skin due to their gel formula and also do not leave any residue on your pillow. Make your beauty sleep really count with best overnight beauty masks.

During sleep, your body goes into repairing mode and your skin naturally heals itself. Your skin undergoes a number of regenerating patterns and heals all the damages caused all the day. So, breathe life into your tired skin by applying sleeping masks over your face. These masks are made in such a way that they act as personal humidifier and prevent skin from dehydrating. Include the best mask in daily care regimen to look beautiful and fresh during dehydrating airy days and booze tinged nights. Try some below mentioned helping hands in the form of overnight masks and see the magic.

Clinique Surge Overnight Mask:

Clinique Surge Overnight Mask that is suitable for all skin types. The creamy overnight mask of Clinique assists skin to replenish lost moisturizer by penetrating into the skin and prepare skin for next day by locking moisture into the skin. All the night when you snooze, it soothes and nourishes your skin and reserve moisturizer. You would love your dewy, soft, oil free and glowing skin in the morning.

Sampar Nocturnal Lineup Mask:

Sampar Nocturnal Lineup Mask is hydrated concentrated mask that quench thirsty skin and seal moisturizer. This overnight mask is made up of 90% of natural elements and is the sophisticated alliance of advanced technology. It regains your youthfulness and boost collagen.

Dr. Jart Premium Firming Sleeping Mask:

Dr. Jart Premium Firming Sleeping Mask is quick absorbing gel with fragrant blend of nine essential oils which provide protective covering to the skin by strengthening the skin barrier function. The essential oils promote deep and comfortable sleep, revitalized your skin while you beauty sleep. Boost your skin elasticity and stay younger and refresh with this overnight mask.

Amorepacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Masque:

Provide your skin maximum hydration by applying Amorepacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Masque. You will find all necessary nutrients like amino acids, minerals and anti-oxidants in one package. These all nutrients boost the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. The exclusive self transferring technology of this sleeping mask ensures that skin locksmaximum moisturizer overnight.

Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial:

The overnight mask from Skin friendly brand Korres is powered by supercharged proteins that immediate moisturization by melting into the skin. The ultra-hydrating protein rich sleeping mask is free from silicones, parabens and other baddies. See a noticeable improvement in your skin next morning.

Guide to wear Panone’s colors this spring 2014


Radiant Orchid has been proclaimed as the color of the year 2014 by the color authority Pantone Inc. Color for 2013 was “emerald” which stood for “growth, prosperity and renewal” whereas “radiant orchid” represents“creativity and originality”Radiant Orchid is basically a blend of fuchsia, purple and pink. So, the lovers of “pink” and “purple” can enjoy experimenting with radiant orchid all year long. Being a tropical color, it can be worn in both cold and hot weather.

There could be so many thing that you can wear in this color right from your head to feet, to work with your look in little doses. Here are some ideas how to add it to your wardrobe and makeup as well, such as:


Everyone has neutrals in their wardrobe existing all the time; you can brighten up your neutrals with radiant orchid. You can wear an orchid dress with beige jacket and shoes, or you can wear an orchid scarf with white shirt and blue or green jeans. You can also try orchid floral prints in summer to look livelier in the heat. You can pair up neutral jewelry pieces such as gold or silver with orchid clothes.

You can grab an orchid pair of jeans to brighten up your wardrobe and try it with different tops to find the best contrast for you. Or simply wear an orchid sweater with your blue or black jeans for a trendy look.


Accessories play a huge part in your overall look, whether it is a casual lunch with your buddies or a formal dinner.

You can try orchid necklace and bag with your white shirt and blue jeans, adding some more dazzle to your look by wearing a pair or orchid snickers for your casual look. You can also pair orchid accessories with hues such as yellow and green. Orchid frame for your shades will also help brighten up your face in the summer.

For your formal party look, you can wear orchid ear studs with a black dress and carry orchid clutch. Orchid heels can also add up some charm to your elegant look. You can also wear an orchid top with your black skirt or jeans for your office. You can also wear an orchid belt to your formal look to add some color to your neutral outfit.


There is a huge variety of orchid hues in makeup products. The most fabulous would be nail-paint, light or dark, any tone would look good on the nails. Coming to your face, orchid would brighten up your face used as any product such as, lipstick, eye-shadow, mascara, eyeliner or blush-on. You can experiment blending orchid with neutrals to find out yourperfect look.

Moreover, for a subtle touch of orchid in your home, you can bring in some orchid floral bed cover. Orchid cushions on your sofas or placed on the bed can enhance the look of your room.

You can bring up some classic and unexpected pairings with orchids and enjoy them, so keep trying what looks best to you.

4 Tricks to Creating Summer’s Top Makeup Looks

yhuTip and trick number one is to go naked with your skin. If you do not want the excessive makeup melting off your skin in the blazing sun go for make up that is almost nude. Use products to cover up the spots and blemishes that are being vividly highlighted by the sun. from under your eyes to your face all around, give your face a smooth look this summer before applying your makeup.

If you are a little too nervous or conscious about your skin and want to go for fresh but not too natural and nude take up a tinted moisturizer. The tint will give your skin an extra glow, so omit the base to hide the blemishes and go for the tinted moisturizer which will keep your skin moisturized and give illuminate it without really making it too heavy for the heat this summer. This will keep you natural while giving you a smoother skin tone.

Next step is a step ahead with makeup; this trick is to get a safe bronzer. Give your cheeks and cheek bones a slight undertone. This will lift and highlight your cheek bones if you buy a bronzer with a slight shimmer in it. From your cheeks to the bridge of your nose to allow the natural plush and blush to your cheeks this summer so you can cope with the summer heat without feeling the layered burden of make up on your face.

When you go for a shine and shimmer on your face this summer, make sure you do not go for something that is too oily and too shiny. Shimmer safely and strategically. With a nice and gentle highlighter, highlight and shift your focus on your brow bones, the bridge of your nose and along your cheek bones. With minimal make up this summer you can leave your skin glowing.

Go for makeup that is not too loud and is not too bright in the sun, the more natural you go for, the better and more natural you will look. Use make up that will go with everything, a light peachy lipstick and something that has satin finish so that when you are done drinking the cold coffee the wipe of the tissue retains the lipstick on your skin. If a lipstick stays on your skin all day despite you eating it will also give your cheeks a certain bounce this summer.

Get a water resistant mascara, something that won’t drip down your eyes in the heat and the sweat, rather something that will last and rid you from having the raccoon eyes. Get waterproof mascara that won’t irritate your eyes and look too out of the ordinary, something that adds volume to your eyes and keeps them natural. Brighten your eyes, with a deep copper shade smudge it down the corner of your eye to form an inner corner highlight.

This will give you a softer look and if you have colored eyes it will magnify the shade of your eyes. Pick a shade with a slight glimmer in it, something that makes you look soft and gentle with a coupling shade for the lips. So go for the light and the natural this summer, bring out the au natural and gorgeous you just by reestablishing your original beauty.

Stylize Your Summers with Floral Pants


Summer 2014 means, throw away your winter woollies and go for cooler, brighter and bolder styles that are sure to make you turn heads this season. As floral prints are blooming this summer just like colorful elegant flowers, designers gave us brighter colors and bolder prints this summer season. With their efforts they try to make you look stunning without making people fed up of this style that somehow keeps on recurring every year.

You may also style yourself with floral pants along with different carrying styles to not make yourself bored of floral prints. These bold prints may seem a little risky, but like most other trends. It’s all about learning the basic rules of styling yourself while adapting it to intermingle with your individual style. So if you want to squeeze thisflowery season and stylize your summer with floral pants, I am giving you some very fun full and useful styling tips that you could try.

1. Glamorous Look with Fancy Floral:

The two neutral and balance colors we have are black and white. If you are above 30 and want to wear floral pant but with grace than you may wear multi-colored floral printed pant with bright bleached denim or white tee shirt. Wear white strappy heals and takes white leather clutch with you to rock the world with this out class look. In evening you may give fancy touch to your outfit by adding floral half body jacket.

2. Graceful Faded Floral Pants:

Moreover, you may also try a combination of black blouse and jacket with light colored or faded design floral pant along with wedges or black pumps and bid sized bag. It can be the first delicate step into this summery trend.

3. If You Are Not Bold Enough:

If you are not daring enough to wear a top and bottom floral prints, you may try to keep it simple but attractive. You may balance your bright floral blooms pants with a one-tone shirt that are still color-coordinated with your floral print outfit. As with most trends, balance is a key so be sure to choose a blouse or shirt that matches one of the colors in your floral pant to assure a beautifully blended look.

4. Dare To Look Cool:

If you are teen than why not try complete flowery outfit? This will give you girlish and cool look. You may balance your outfit by wearing see through one colored front open shirt with floral top and pant. Wear the same one colored sandal to add flair to your outfit. You may also add a floral backpack and you can have a more audacious and adventurous look.

5. Try Cropped Top:

A cropped top with floral pants are also amazing combination this summery season. If you wana look girly than you can wear it with wedges or heels or flats, but if you want to make your outfit less-girly than you can use leather ankle boots with this combo.

6. Having Floral Accessories Is a Must:

If you are adding floral pants in your wardrobe than you must add floral accessories in your draw like floral bags, floral ear rings floral bangles, floral glasses, floral hair bands, and floral pendants. It does not mean to wear all of them all together and be a paint house. These accessories are just to mix and match with your outfit to balance your appearance and give it complete stylish look. Further more in my view floral pants always look best if you styled them with a strappy sandal as cute flat or summery wedge.

An important style tip is to keep all of your outfits’ essentials as light and clean as possible when turning this floral bottomheavy runway gaze into a daily ensemble. By following above simple rules, you will have all and sundry taking notices of your rocking look with floral pants in this trendy summer!

Essential Shoes for This Summer


A pair of shoes says a lot about one’s personality, so it must be chosen cautiously and wisely. Apart from the fashion and trends, shoes are also chosen by people according to the comfort and their personal style. Hold your breath and get ready for your personal favorite, because the upcoming season has a wide range of shoe styles and variety of prints and pastels. You can identify your personal style out of the vast range and grab the best for your 2014 spring and summer.

Printy and Glossy:

On the runway of all summer fashion shows, it was noticed that patent got their way back to fashion; moreover, python, snake skin, fish skin and floral prints are also shown in the collection. The prints are presented in various colors and designs. There are favourites in pink leopard print high ankle, platform heel boots; these are totally trendy and classy. Then we have pointed toe boots which is a beautiful glossy python skin heels, and is endorsed by all famous designers. Feel comfortable with these stylish boots.

Glass Heel:

The glass heel makes stylish pair of sandals more unique, with a plexi wedge and the floral print. This pair of shoe will make you look trendy and chic. The ankle strap makes it more comfortable to wear. What is better than a black short pencil heels with pointed toes. An exclusive formal wear can be worn with any dress.

Metallic, Metallic!:

What is more for the next season? There is a lot more, the metallic gold, silver and black is yet present for the upcoming season’s fashion. The metallic and glossy shoes add classiness to your overall personality.

If there is a single strap above the toes reveals the foot making it a perfect pick for summer, and the strap at the ankle along with heel cover, makes it comfortable to wear. Make a beautiful addition to your shoes collection with fabricated floral net; if it has a zipper it will be easy to wear and fit just right.

Hedge the Wedge!:

Wedges are considered to be most comfortable heels, so the good news is you can enjoy the comfort with elegance in the upcoming Summer/Spring 2014. Marvellous designs we have in different types of wedges for the next season.

A perfect blend of metallic gold peep toe and black textured leather along with a snake platform semi-wedge, it is just WOW! This can be paired with any black dress or with beige, red or gold dress.

You can find in market floral narrow wedge heel that comfortably fits in the foot. The plain beige strap at the toe adds elegance to the shoe and the black buckle makes it beautiful yet classy. This would definitely be a great pick for formal wear and semi formal as well.

Pointed Toes:

Nothing can be equivalent to the grace of a perfect pair of pointed toes. The classy pointed toes with blend of pastels are perfect for coming season. The designers have presented the pointed toes with buttoned buckle which makes the shoes trendy and chic. Pink pointed toes with gold pencil heel, wide white straps and black buckle, what an amazing pair of shoes to carry!

Wraps and Straps:

There are too many straps seen for the upcoming season. The idea is to wrap up the foot with many straps to cover and uncover the foot at the same time. Beautiful pastel colors, combination of light and dark is just perfect for the next season. It is a must have ladies!

What and what not, the next season have it all for you. Pick your favorite pair of shoes from the huge variety of footwear this season. Happy feet year!

The Best Vegetables and Fruits for Your Skin



Glowing and radiant face always get attraction. While there are many ways make yourself noticeable, all efforts can simply go in vain if you don’t have a healthy skin. If you want to have an attractive persona, you must adopt a good regime to enhance your beauty from deep inside.

As a matter of fact, your face reflects what you eat. After having a cheat diet day with chocolates and candies, you must take on a healthy diet regime full of fruits and vegetables. Besides including these natural blessings in diet, you can also use them as masks. The fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that can simply do wonders for your face.

Following are the best fruits and vegetables for your face.

Sweet Potatoes:

Potatoes are used in summers because they are rich invitamin A and have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to face, the vitamins in potatoes help fighting off acne causing bacteria. You must include potatoes in your skin care regime, as it also contains vitamin C, which helps combat acne and heals if you already have it.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eating an apple can give your skin a glowing look from deep within inside. For better face skin, you must include apple in your dietary routine. Apples are enriched with vitamin C that helps to firm and tone the skin. The natural antioxidants in apples prevent free radical damage and delay the signs of ageing by protecting the skin cells.


Lemons are the most to use in summers, as it is widely known for its skin care properties. These little yellow wonders are enriched with vitamin C, which plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen in the body. Lemons can be used as internally and externally; that is in diet. While lemons detoxify your body, they also help you keeping your face healthy, by combating with the problems such as acne, pigmentation, and blackheads.


Carrots are just perfect for summers as well, as it has multiple benefits. This vegetable is loaded with vitamin C and has amazing anti-ageing properties. The use of carrots in your diet can improve your face texture, as it fights wrinkles. Due to its anti-ageing properties, carrot is used in making of anti-ageing and face potions. Besides this, carrots are rich in beta carotene which the human body converts to vitamin A, which is a key nutrient for healthy skin.


Juicy and fresh strawberries are not only delicious to eat, but they are also good enough to give a healthy glow on your face. Strawberries are widely known as one of the best fruit for face and are used in various face masks. You can use mashed strawberries mixed with honey, avocados or yogurt to make a face pack that can bring a healthy radiance to your skin.